You can’t get up and stroll around the table

In light of the fact that Mikhalych’s legs are deadened. So, here is the table you are sitting at. Here are the residents who come to the plate and request to pass their longing on to it. Sit and determine their destiny. On the off chance that, as you would see it, the longing deserve satisfaction, you want to move it to the plate, making an effort not to twist the significance and see what occurs. This is the initial segment of the interactivity. The second piece of the interactivity is Mikhalych’s fantasies and dreams. Also, this is unadulterated strolling test system. Here you can as of now meander, stroll around, tackle riddles and, surprisingly, complete a few side missions.

You will have the inclination that in some way this doesn’t sound assorted

Furthermore, indeed, it doesn’t sound unique. Indeed, it plays as well. Yet, the principal task that Kuzhlevka sets itself is to recount a story. Furthermore, for this – this ongoing interaction is all that could possibly be needed. I didn’t think when to discuss non-linearity, so I’ll simply let you know now. The game has different endings. I, when all is said and done, saw 6. Perhaps there are significantly more. What the very game closures is meant for by your decisions and activities. Both self-evident and non-self-evident. On the off chance that you wish, you can rewind the game and see what occurs assuming you go the alternate way.  On the first playthrough, I firmly exhort you not to check out at the magazine by any means. All with non-linearity.

Presently the plot. This is where the most troublesome aspect starts. The truth of the matter is that regardless of the relative multitude of entertaining trailers with images, references and jokes, the game isn’t about that by any means. No, there are an adequate number of references and jokes here. At certain places, I by and large snorted with giggling, yet this isn’t the objective of the game by any means. The objective of the game is simply more intelligent. To bait individuals who are being directed to “Memasiki” and “THE Air OF A similar USSR” and suddenly converse with them about … ahem.

Enlightening about the story and simultaneously not ruining anything

It is a sensitive make a difference to distort anything. Thusly, I will attempt to slip as smoothed out as conceivable without breaking anything. What how about individuals wish for assuming they were given one wish? Everybody has an alternate response. Somebody needs to be rich. Somebody world harmony and satisfaction for everybody thus that nobody leaves insulted. Somebody needs to know reality. Certain individuals need to change their appearance. What’s more, somebody needs a crate of vodka. What’s more, not on the grounds that he is detestable and egotistical., But since he is a “straightforward person” and dumb in his own particular manner.

Frankly, I don’t have the foggiest idea what I would need. What’s more, presently this multitude of various individuals come to the Plate and express their deepest cravings. What’s more, strangely, the game figures out how to convey the characters of the multitude of characters. Government officials, criminals, outsiders, and so forth. Regardless of whether you see him for five minutes. Sooner or later, I even shed a tear, albeit nothing exceptional occurred. I just committed an error on the person. Also, it didn’t turn out the manner in which I anticipated.